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            Clarus Systems advise, design, install and maintain the highest quality commercial security systems. Our many years of experience combined with the latest technology and our consultative approach mean your business is protected to the highest standards, at all times.

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            Access Systems

            Electronically securing your premises means you have control over who can get in, when they can get in and where. 

            Alarm Systems

            Fire and theft are two of the most prevalent safety threats that alarm systems can protect businesses against. 

            CCTV Installation

            Our business CCTV systems use state-of-the-art technology to watch over your property, people and operation, 24-hours a day. 


            We survey your site and discuss your requirements and expectations.

            We listen closely to what you say, to ensure we understand exactly what you need.

            We offer our advice and recommend a suitable, customised solution.

            We begin the design process and present you with our proposed plan.

            Once approved, we begin the installation process.

            Where to start? 

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            Integrated Security Solutions: A key part of building Business Value

            Keeping your business protected and valuable takes an integrated approach to security.

            Why your business needs a security system

            When you think of reasons to install a security system at home or at your business premises...

            The differences between home and business alarms

            When it comes to alarm systems there are two main types: home and business. Over the past few...

            How can you avoid common alarm faults?

            Ensuring you take the necessary steps to look after and maintain your alarm ensures optimal...

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